Cross-Cultural Business Consulting




Focus on Cross-Cultural Business Development

Empowering businesses with the knowledge and strategies needed for successful cross-cultural and international engagements, I guide organisations through the complexities of operating and negotiating in the global marketplace.

As a business development professional, my core tasks include generating valuable ideas for innovation processes and improving projects through the incorporation of new ideas. I also specialize in identifying new business opportunities, enhancing customer relationships, researching customer needs and behaviours, analysing brand positions for opportunities, and developing concepts for key profile-building events.


  • Cross-Cultural Training Workshops
    Custom-designed programmes to enhance your team’s cultural awareness, communication skills, and preparedness for international assignments, ensuring effective and respectful cross-border interactions.
  • International Business Strategy Consulting
    Tailored advice for market entry, regional business practices understanding, and development of culturally informed business strategies, helping you navigate the international business environment confidently.
  • Cultural and Geopolitical Risk Assessment
    I provide a thorough analysis of the cultural and geopolitical landscapes, offering insights into how political, economic, and social trends can impact your international ventures.
  • Global Leadership Development
    Focused on cultivating leadership skills adaptable to various cultural and geopolitical contexts, enabling effective management and inspiration of diverse international teams.
  • International Negotiation Assistance
    I bring my expertise to the table in facilitating and strategising negotiations, ensuring you’re equipped with the necessary cultural, linguistic, and business insights to secure favourable outcomes in international deals.

Ideas for Leaders

I create innovative ideas for leaders and consult on business development thoughts and investment opportunities.

Are you an outstanding leader with big ideas, visions, and projects, but struggling to navigate the challenges and pressure that come with it alone? As a solo consultant, I understand that the working and living environment of leadership can cause excellent ideas to disappear.

That’s why I offer my help to top leaders like you. Whether you’re a CEO, executive, or entrepreneur, I am here to support you with your leadership and management goals. I am passionate about working with enthusiastic, intelligent, and sophisticated individuals like you to achieve the results you desire.

As a solo consultant, I prioritize confidentiality, trust, diplomacy, prudence, and uniqueness in my work. If you’re looking for a partner who can help you bring your grandiose ideas to life and make a real impact, don’t hesitate to drop me a line.

Together, we can unlock your full potential and bring your vision to reality.

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