Geopolitical Advisory




Focus on International Affairs & Geopolitics

Providing CEOs and corporate leaders with insights and strategies for navigating the complex world of global politics, economics, and cultural relations. My services are tailored to help your business understand and leverage the dynamics of international affairs for optimal strategic positioning and success.


  • Comprehensive International Affairs Strategy
    Providing deep insights into global trends and advising on strategies to leverage international developments for business growth and risk mitigation.
  • Geopolitical Risk Assessment
    Analysing and forecasting the impact of global political and economic changes on your business, offering strategies to navigate and thrive in the changing international landscape.
  • Diplomatic Engagement and Network Expansion
    Enhancing your business’s international network, advising on diplomatic relations, and facilitating connections with key global stakeholders.
  • Tailored Training and Workshops
    Conducting customised sessions for your team to enhance their understanding and skills in international affairs, ensuring your business is culturally competent and globally savvy.
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