Teaching Portfolio

For undergraduate and postgraduate students, I have developed the following advanced academic courses (designed according to British higher education standards).

International Diplomacy

undergraduate / postgraduate

Foreign Policy

undergraduate / postgraduate

Theories of International Relations

undergraduate / postgraduate

Security Studies

undergraduate / postgraduate

Contemporary Terrorism Studies

undergraduate / postgraduate

Russian Foreign Policy

undergraduate / postgraduate

Geopolitics and Energy Security of Eurasia

undergraduate / postgraduate


Inspired by Greek Philosophers

How to teach? Which methods to use? How to get a student’s attention?

During my teaching career, I often go back to the Greek times when the “Three Musketeers” helped to lay the foundation of Western civilization’s philosophy and teaching.

The Socratic method (also known as the Elenchus method) is a hypothesis elimination method based on an argumentative dialogue that stimulates critical thinking in students. More…

Plato: knowledge and virtue are the major themes of his work; attaining wisdom is a goal of education. He also differentiated between three types of students: self-motivated learners, good students, and those who do not see the value of education. More…

Aristotelianism is a philosophical tradition that is based on deductive logic and an analytic-inductive method. Over time, this method turned into a way to teach that involves a teacher and students having a conversation. More…

University Lecturer

Developing and designing teaching courses (modules) are ongoing processes. Every time I update them, I try to make “Smart Study” time for students interesting, up-to-date, and useful. In an attempt to be a motivating lecturer, I encourage students to think outside the box.

Books, research articles, academic and professional resources are on the Internet. In fact, education has become freely available worldwide.

Teaching is my passion. I offer a unique learning experience based on three pillars: freedom of speech, educational pluralism, and common sense.

Guest Lectures Portfolio for 2024/2025

The following 90-minute lectures are designed for both undergraduate and graduate university courses (modules).

  1. The Fifth Domain: Understanding Cyberterrorism
  2. The Approach of the US, Russia, and China in the Fight Against Terrorism
  3. The Fight Against Terrorism Before and After 9/11
  4. China’s National Security, Foreign, and Security Policy – How to Understand the “Chinese Firewall”
  5. Global Cyberterrorism: History, Threats, and Latest Trends
  6. Introduction, Categorisation, Characterisation, and Attributes of Critical Global Issues
  7. International Relations Development Between the EU and Asian Countries (Indo-Pacific)
  8. EU Regional Security and Terrorism
  9. EU Counter-terrorism Instruments
  10. Cyberterrorism in Asia: States vs. Organised Groups
  11. The Evolution of EU-East Asia Relations: China vs. ASEAN
  12. Asia’s Security Threats: “Asia is Closer Than We Think”
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